Fr 28.02.

Der wilde Freitag

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Grün: Sacré Discomobile
Rot: Italian Dance Wave

This wild Friday, Renate comes alive with an abundance of co-hosts. With each room taking a unique shape, nightriders are invited into a vast melting pot of changing tempos and surroudings. Curated by crews of whom are specialist in their craft, smooth and slow meets the most tantalising italo, with extra pepperings of Parisian flair too.

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Sa 29.02.


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Returning for their anticipated yearly soiree is Vilnius' Opium club. Becoming known for a distinct style, procurring and curating the rarest of sounds, Opium's crew stay true to their word unravelling a real trip. A sinous journey down the rabbit hole, the friends and family of Opium ensure an expansive story punctuated by the most complex far flung oddities.

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März 2020

Fr 06.03.

Renates Heimkinder /w. Klangzeit + Freunde legen auf

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The Heimkinder clan join forces with Berlin label Klangzeit and Cologne crew Freunde Legen Auf. The industrious techno sounds of Klangzeit consume the four walls of the black room, leaving the spellbinding work of Freunde Legen Auf to take hold upstairs in the green. The March edition of Heimkinder serves techno upon techno in varying guises.

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Sa 07.03.


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Preparing a sumptuous feast of artists from across the globe, Liquid present a spread of flavours to choose from. Spanning all four floors in usual fashion, LowMoneyMusicLove pilot the green room under new format, SystemError; the second time appearing in this new outfit. Dipping into a variance of sensibilities all centered around house and disco, the expanse of Liquid's curation knows no bounds.

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Fr 13.03.

Damage X Rawax

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Damage Music Berlin tap Frankfurt's Rawax with a healthy mix of party pushers billed to join them for a one off stomp out. Each known for their individual channels of techno, with aspects so manifold, both Damage Music and Rawax are sure to inject a heavy dose of energy. Renate's floors come alive; a pulsating melting pot for those who dare to behold.

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Sa 14.03.

Savour The Moment

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Fr 20.03.

Pink by Luvthang

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Sa 21.03.

Pretty/Ugly Invites Moustache Records

We are back and we invited DAVID VUNK, owner of Moustache Records and Moustache Techno, and DJ and Producer for labels such as OMNIDISC, Bordello a Parigi, Electronic Emergencies, Creme Organization, Lunar Disko and many more, to take over the green room for one massive night with his fine fellow Moustache colleagues and associates ELIOTT LITROWSKI and MICK WILLS.

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Do 26.03.

Sa 28.03.

Wilde Renate

Entstanden in einem unsanierten Wohnhaus in Friedrichshain, genau gegenüber vom Treptower Park an der Spree. Es gibt drei Hauptdancefloors: Den Schwarzen Raum, hauptsächlich auf Techno fokussiert, im ersten Stock den Grünen Raum, wo es hauptsächlich um House geht, und den roten Raum der sich irgendwo zwischen Disco und langsamen Seltsamkeiten bewegt. Außerdem ist im Sommer der große Hinterhof geöffnet, der eine Menge Platz zum Erholen und eine zusätzlich Bar mit Essen beherbergt.

Born from an unrenovated apartment building in Friedrichshain, across the river from Treptower Park. There are three main dance floors: Schwarzer Raum on the ground floor, mainly focussing on techno. Then upstairs there is Grüner Raum where it’s all about house, and Roter Raum for all things slow, weird and trippy disco. The atmosphere is that of a theatrical house party. A large outdoor courtyard is open during the summer, which provides another bar with food and plenty of space to hang out.


07 Longhair
Mangostine EP

Vinyl. 12" & digital
Released: 26 Apr 2019

Next on Berlin´s Renate Schallplatten is Longhair, a project formed by Marko Pelaic and Benedikt Bogenberger, two residents of Berlin´s Wilde Renate. Mangostine, a four-tracker, follows last year´s 12" on Dutch label Bordello A Parigi and a track contribution on House Is OK. It lands with an Axel Boman remix.

06B Various Artists
10 Jahre Renate Part II

Vinyl. 12" & digital

The second EP is visited by long time Renate friends dOP. This French house trio were there at the first Renate party and their techno stylings grace us with a linguistic masterpiece. Michal Zietara, the Polish heartthrob turned Bavarian mountain man is joined by Voe and together they created a breaky track with house additude. Homeboy´s Hadi is the Croatian´s transcultured arabesque composition that makes you feel as if you were wondering the streets of a far off city. Leading out the EP is Mehmet Aslan, our very own sultan of hamam swing, kicking up a sandstorm with this timeless musical oscillations.

06A Various Artists
10 Jahre Renate Part I

Vinyl. 12" & digital

The first EP hosts a track from Peak & Swift, the colourful duo that inadvertently become the face of Renate today. Sebastian Voigt, the dark techno horse of the Renate tribe, adds a little mystic depth to the A-side. Samanta Fox & Oliver Klostermann bring their own brand of cosmic waves to the release while Johannes Albert, the wunderkind who broke free of Berlin´s shackles, shows us his own definition of trance.

05 Dimitri Veimar
Lazy Trance EP

Vinyl. 12" & digital

The fifth release on Renate Schallplatten comes from Dimitri Veimar from Moscow, a good friend and regular guest behind the decks at Renate. Hot on the the heels of his fantastic Time EP on Omnidisc, he delivers four tracks of modern acid flavoured goodness. The icing on the cake is a superb remix by Renate all time favourite Lauer from the Robert Johnson crew.

04 Moscoman
Devoue EP

Vinyl. 12" & digital

Renate Schallplatten returns with a vengeance, this time showcasing the outrageous talent of our fair-haired Israeli grumpster, Moscoman. Three Yacht Rock killers on acid backed by a larger than life remix from Lithuanian madman, Manfredas. Join us as we take you on a journey through the psyche of a boy turned man turned sarcastic black sheep.

03 Sebastian Voigt
Out Of Sight EP

Vinyl. 12" & digital
Released: 30 Mai 2014

Sebastian Voigt, cult leader of Lokee Musik and resident record slinger of the illustrious Salon - Zur wilden Renate presents a four track EP on Renate Schallplatten. The release includes two original tracks featuring different vocalists, plus remixes by Permanent Vacation and Good Guy Mikesh. All tracks were produced, tested and approved in Berlin's favourite madhouse, Wilde Renate. Enjoy...

02 Samanta Fox & Snuffo "Klaus You" EP

Vinyl. 12" & digital
Released: 14 Oct 2013

On a dark and stormy night deep in the seedy underbelly of Berlin, Samanta Fox was walking the streets alone looking for something to ease her hunger for adventure. She met a boy named Klaus who brought her to an old building full of strange people with shifty eyes who were rhythmically dancing and shaking their heads to a steady and powerful beat. These oddly dressed people all worshiped a god-like being who they all called Renate. In the midst of the crowd Samanta bumped into a man, a strong man who went by the name of Snuffo. He took her to a room full of smoke and broken televisions to show her something exciting. She said, "What is this?" Snuffo whispered to the fox, "Girl, this is acid."

01 » Wareika - La Paloma «

Vinyl. 12"
Released: 21 Apr 2011

Auf Matrosen, ole! Renate Schallplatten kicks off with a great EP of Wareika with remixes by dOP and Acid Pauli. Wareikas Original is a remake of an old german sailor song which is perfectly interpreted by the three guys from hamburg. Acid Paulis Mountain Girl Remix has a more cluby appeal but still keeps the vibe of the original. The crazy boys of dOP totally flip all parts of the original into a new wave-eurodance-timetravel journey. Early support and heavy plays by Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Jack Sparrow and all other big balled mainplayers of the westfalen tekkno scene..

Renate Podcast


"Unsere Schule in Mae Wah Kee - Burma/Myanmar"

Das Dorf Mae Wah Kee in Burma/Myanmar wurde von Binnenvertriebenen gegründet und liegt im Myawaddy District, nicht weit von der thailändischen Grenze. Die DorfbewohnerInnen eröffneten 2005 eine kleine Schule, die sie aber bald nicht mehr alleine finanzieren konnten. Nach den Kämpfen zwischen der Regierung und bewaffneten Gruppen im November 2010 fanden hier auch mehrere Familien aus den Nachbardörfern Zuflucht, und so gibt es heute 130 SchülerInnen im Alter von 3 bis 14 Jahren, die von 6 LehrerInnen unterrichtet werden. Der Salon - Zur wilden Renate finanziert den Schulbetrieb und ermöglichte 2012 auch den Bau eines neuen Kindergartens. Mit Monitoring und Controlling vor Ort kennen sich andere besser aus als wir, darum kümmern sich das Burma Projekt Berlin sowie vor Ort das Good Friends Center in Mae Sot (Thailand)."

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